About Us

At Will to Health, our goal is to provide mental health, human service, and human resources professionals in healthcare with quality, timely, and relevant continuing education courses and professional development programs.

We focus on evidence-based and practical skills training. Our programs are peer-reviewed and involve input from practitioners that emphasize the best and emerging practices in these disciplines. Through this process, we seek to advance the clinical practice, management, and advocacy skills for mental health, human service, and human resources professionals in healthcare. The expected outcome is more and better quality services and learning opportunities offered to staff, clients, and patients.   

Our trainers understand that professional competence is a requirement for licensed mental health professionals and certified human resources professionals. As such, we take particular care in providing continuing education courses to meet your needs. Whether you are seeking (1) to advance your practice skills; (2) to pass licensing and certification exams; or, (3) to meet your continuing education requirements, our team is firmly committed to your professional growth and lifelong learning.  

We bring together professional commitment and practical experiences that serve to enhance the growth and development process.