ETHICS Mental Health Business Bootcamp (15 CEs)


Supporting private practice business growth and development with success in positioning organizations for CARF and other industry-related accreditations.

Have you begun making inquiries about starting a private practice in social work, counseling, or psychology? Are you looking to grow your current business? Do you believe you can make a more significant impact with additional insights from business strategists and other mental health professionals?

This new and highly anticipated 2-day business intensive course series is designed to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs develop the skills necessary to create successful, growth-oriented mental health businesses that scale to deliver greater profitability and healthcare outcomes.

Private practice for mental health professionals can be rewarding in many ways. Each clinician must be able to adapt, change, and continue to redefine the relevance to clients and value to referral sources. Whether you are a mental health professional just starting or a partner in the large group practice, you must take risks and differentiate your practice in the marketplace. This intensive course series will provide you strategies and tactics to start a new practice or expand an existing practice.

Workshop topics include:

  • Plan for the Best: Business plan development with the strategic diversification of services for growth
  • Getting Started: Setting up a private practice and choosing an organizational structure
  • Worth Your Weight in Gold: Interpreting financial reports, ethically demonstrating value and ROI, and justifying your ideas for buy-in
  • 60 Minutes: The ethics and business of setting fees and hourly rates in private practice
  • To Bill or Not to Bill: Tackling the nuts and bolts of mental health billing
  • Wait. Do they know you?: Effective Marketing strategies to get clients in the door
  • Law, Ethics, and Social Responsibility: Addressing legal considerations and risk mitigation
  • Don’t Burnout: Exploring self-care and the importance of professional development

Key Objectives are as follows:

  • Have an understanding of strategic business planning
  • Understand how to create and review common financial reports and terms (i.e. Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Valuation, EBITDA, etc.)
  • Develop an understanding of the mental health billing and setting fees and hourly rates
  • Understand the fundamentals of marketing to grow business
  • Review ethical considerations
  • Tips and tools for avoiding burnout

Up to 30 days following Mental Health Business Bootcamp, participants will receive 2 hours of business coaching in 1-hour increments and by appointment only.

On day 1, attendees should plan to arrive for 8:30 am and stay until 5:30 pm.

On day 2, attendees should plan to begin at 8:30 am and end at 4:30 pm.